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Recognize the Various Causes of Acne on the Chin and How to Overcome It

Chin is an area of the face that is prone to acne. The causes of acne on the chin vary. Recognize the cause, so you can prevent and overcome it. One of the causes of acne on the chin is facial hygiene that is not maintained. Acne can reduce your confidence and cause discomfort. To avoid the problem of self-confidence and discomfort caused by acne, know the causes and how to overcome them in the following explanation. Various Causes of Acne on the Chin There are several things that can cause acne on the chin, namely: Does not maintain facial hygiene Like other facial areas, the appearance of pimples on the chin can be caused by poorly maintained facial skin hygiene. When facial skin hygiene is not maintained properly, the pores can be clogged with oil and the rest of the dirt on the face. The effect can arise pimples on the chin. Hormonal changes Hormonal changes can also cause the appearance of zits on the chin. When androgen (male hormone) levels increase, the oil glands wil
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Recognize the Impact and Causes of Non-Current Blood Circulation

Blood circulation has the role of circulating blood and nutrients from the heart throughout the body and vice versa. When blood circulation is not smooth, various health problems in your body can occur. Non-smooth blood circulation will have an impact on various organs and tissues. You should know the causes that can make blood circulation is not smooth, in order to avoid it. Impact of Non-Current Blood Circulation Complaints from poor blood circulation can occur in the arms and legs. If you feel tingling, aching, numbness, and throbbing pain, in your arms and legs, it could be a sign that blood flow to the area is inadequate or insufficient. Blood circulation is not smooth also has symptoms and other complaints that you need to recognize, including: Leg hair fall out Fingernails become brittle Muscle cramp Feet and arms feel cold Leg and arm skin feels dry Slow wound healing Causes of Non-Current Blood Circulation There are several diseases that can make blood circula

During Pregnancy, Avoid These Beauty Products and Treatments

At each phase of pregnancy, you will feel a variety of complaints, including matters relating to appearance. Although you are tempted to overcome these complaints, but you must be wise in choosing treatments and beauty products during pregnancy. Complaints felt by pregnant women during the pregnancy phase will vary. For example, in the second or third trimester, body changes that occur can cause the appearance of stretch marks. Other complaints that can arise, such as the appearance of zits, black spots (melasma), skin discoloration. In addition, the problem of hair loss can also be experienced during pregnancy and interfere with self-confidence. Various Beauty Products to Watch Out for Although various kinds of beauty products can overcome the problems that make confidence decrease, you should not just use beauty products while pregnant. Some beauty products should even be avoided such as: Black spots removal cream To get rid of black spots or brown lines caused by melasma